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Pictures of Saco



In the process of rebuilding our website, we discovered we lacked a good visual archive about Saco:
it's community events through the years, changes in the buildings and new buildings, new businesses, new parks and beautification projects.

Collecting visual memories about Saco's past and present is a way 
to preserve the history of our town and 
to make us more connected as a community with shared experiences and memories.

Everyone is invited to share a picture or two or a hundred on the new Facebook page: People, Pictures, Places of Saco.

Pictures can include any visual medium, which represents Saco: paintings, photographs, sculptures, jewelry, quilts, etc.

Most of those pictures will stay in our digital archive on Facebook and some will be shared on this page with recognition of the author's contribution.
And some of them will end up on our home page as signature images of Saco (those will rotate!). 

Enjoy the pictures below (click on the first picture to start a slideshow) and see more on the People, Pictures, Places of Saco Facebook page!

Then share yours with all of us!


Like the pictures or the idea of the project as a whole?  Then follows  People, Pictures, Places of Saco and Saco Main Street Facebook pages!

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