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Program Coordinator

Part Time Position:  15 hours per week

Pay: $13 per hour with opportunity to increase after six months

The Program coordinator serves as an at-will employee.  This signed job description serves as an offer of employment.  Employee or Employer may terminate or decrease hours at any time with notice.

Hours will generally fall between 9:00am and 4:00pm M-F.  However, employee may be expected to work certain nights and weekends as needed.  The Program Coordinator oversees a variety of functions within the Saco Main Street organization including, Volunteer Coordination, Event Planning, Grant Pursuits, Board of Directors support and general administrative support.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with the Executive Director, Board Members and Committees to coordinate volunteer assignments to support organizational success.
  • Collaborating with the Executive Director, Board Members and Committees to assess and identify how community members can get more involved with Saco Main Street as volunteers.
  • Overseeing volunteer recruitment, training and assignments.
  • Promoting Saco Main Street goals, involvement and activities to the public.

Volunteer Coordination 

  • Program Coordinator provides direction, coordination, and consultation for all volunteer functions within the Saco Main Street program to: strengthen public or private support and involve a community of supporters as described in the duties outlined below.
  • Program Coordinator plays a vital role by driving our volunteer management program and providing ongoing support to volunteers. This role becomes the main point of contact for our volunteers and the management program.
  • By having Program Coordinator we recognize the importance of volunteers to the organization, and the importance of planning ongoing volunteer management. This role also helps our volunteers feel satisfied that they are making an important contribution.
  • The key role of Program Coordinator is matching the skills, experiences and expectations of volunteers to available positions and needs.


The Saco Main Street Program Coordinator will be responsible for the following activities:

Recruitment and selection

Working with the Organization Committee this role can include:

  • Designing and implementing an inclusive outreach plan to introduce yourself and provide a general overview of the value of volunteers and what type of volunteer opportunities and options are available with Saco Main Street.
  • Working out how many volunteers are needed and for what roles.
  • Developing position descriptions if required for each role.
  • Planning how and where to recruit volunteers and posting adverts.
  • Meeting with volunteers to understand their capabilities and needs.
  • Planning for volunteer retention and replacement.
  • Developing policies and procedures as required.


Working with the Organization Committee this role can include:

  • Developing an orientation kit, volunteer handbook to further introduce the mission and benefits of Saco Main Street.
  • Presenting or managing the orientation for all new volunteers.
  • Providing training or demonstrations in use of office equipment or specific tools.
  • Arranging training and education opportunities as needed.
  • Conducting review of overall performance of the volunteer program.
  • Conducting a skills audit or organizational review.

Rewards and recognition

Working with the Organization Committee this role can include:

  • Developing ways to recognize and reward volunteers.
  • Promoting the recognition program.
  • Planning and implement regular volunteer recognition events.
  • Managing volunteer communications such as social functions, newsletters or social media.



Working with the Organization Committee this role can include:

  • Coordinating with the Facilitating volunteers to feel welcome and supported.
  • Developing and managing policies, procedures and standards for volunteers.
  • Overseeing the assignment of volunteer jobs and maintain a list or database with the names, contact information, availability and interests of volunteers to contact during the year.
  • Keeping the records of hours volunteered.
  • Planning and goal setting to match yearly organizational events and requirements.
  • Developing, maintaining and updating volunteer orientation materials such as, hand-outs, contact information, lanyards, etc.
  • Delegating projects and tasks.
  • Managing any associated budgets and expenditure.


Event Coordination

Working with the Event Committees this role can include:

  • Coordinating the production of special events, fundraisers, and other activities. Coordinating, assisting and staffing special events and fundraisers sponsored by Saco Main Street.  With the Executive Director actively solicit new members and event sponsorships.


Working with the Executive Director and event committees this role can include:

  • Coordinating a number of events throughout the year, including downtown promotions, special events, and fundraisers already on Saco Main Street’s yearly calendar. These include: the Annual Art installation, Sidewalk Art Festival, Classic Car Show, Music in the Park, RiverJam, Pumpkin Harvest Festival, Holiday Festival and Light Parade. Alongside the Executive Director, develop new events and fundraisers.
  • Create, attend and participate in Saco Main Street committee meetings as necessary.
  • Secure necessary permits from City, County, or any other appropriate governing entity.
  • Acquiring event sponsors and marketing partners
  • Developing and maintaining an appropriate data system for record keeping; develops and monitors event budgets; acquires bids for event equipment rental and/or purchasing needs; prepares post event reports and event books; prepares sponsor post event report, tracks volunteer hours, etc.
  • Tracking and follow through on Saco Main Street obligations to marketing partners and event sponsors.
  • Working to build goodwill between downtown merchants and Saco Main Street.

Grant Writing Coordination

Working with the Executive Director and the Saco Main Street Board of Directors:

  • Facilitate, review, and edit grant proposals; conduct library and electronic research; compile data; input and retrieve data via computer.
  • Conduct research on potential funding sources; maintain contact with external agencies.
  • Developing and transforming ideas into grant proposals; serve as organization liaison for grant administration.
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of particular areas involved in identifying and soliciting grants.
  • May coordinate project activities; prepares and processes letters and correspondence, presentation materials, and manuscripts; maintains funding opportunity databases, activity tracking system, and related confidential files.

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Knowledge and Skills Requirements

The Saco Main Street Program Coordinator should have excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills. They will have the capacity to deal with diverse variety of people. They know how to manage and coordinate volunteers and projects. They empathize and understand the needs of co-workers. They take caution with the opinions of others and know how to deal with classified information. They have good organizational skills and manage different tasks. They are not judgmental to people they encounter and people that they work with.

Deadline: Resumes will be evaluated on a rolling basis until the right candidate is selected.

Please, email your resume at our email address sacomainstreet@gmail.com

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